Make Money Online

Do you want to make money online, but are limited in the amount of time you can spend online?? Here is an idea for you ? online surveys. There are facts and myths associated with online surveys, and this article will alert you to both.

The fact is you can make money online by taking surveys. While the compensation will certainly not make you rich, it can add additional monies to your pocket. The myth associated with online surveys is that the ads claiming several hundred dollars can be made per survey are incorrect.

There are literally hundreds of survey sites which offer, cash; entry into sweepstakes; prizes; and gift certificates. To begin taking surveys online, you should hook up with a legitimate company such as Survey Scout wherein they offer you, for free, all of the current online survey sites. In addition, they give you the top 25 sites to join, and always update their list accordingly.

The fact is you never have to pay any online survey company to join. If they ask for a fee, they are not legitimate. Moreover, there are pseudo Survey Scout sites which do require a fee; do not join as they are not the original company.

The amount of money you can make taking online surveys are largely dependent on the amount of surveys you take, and the time you have to take them. Most average from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on the company. As stated earlier, some offer cash incentives while other offer prizes. The unique feature in signing up with Survey Scout is they list what each company offers, thereby allowing you to pick and choose which online survey sites you wish to join.

To begin this venture, stick with the top 10. This is especially important as they are the most well known sites and offer cash and gift certificates. How much can you make?? Depending on whether or not you qualify for a particular survey, you can make anywhere from $2.00 to $10.00 per survey. However, keep in mind these surveys are not offered daily.

In addition, there are sites you can join who offer larger sums of money. These are mainly focus groups wherein you participate perhaps once every 3 months. You will be asked to sign up, given a time and date, and in some cases asked to download specific software to be able to participate in the interactive survey. These surveys can yield anywhere from $25.00 to $150.00, depending on the company, and if you qualify.

Those who have participated in online surveys as a way to make money online have attested to the fact that while the compensation is minimal, they have made a few thousand dollars over a year?s time. Keep in mind; they have joined over 100 survey sites. As with any how to make money online venture, only you can decide how much time you are willing to devote to this endeavor.