Assessing Your Skills

In order to find your own online career path that you will find satisfying and that will give you a sense of accomplishment you need to learn about yourself. Once you start to understand more about what you want out of your life and what your skill levels are, you will be ready to get started with your own exciting and satisfying online career.
●    What are you good at?
●    What to you enjoy doing?
●    What are your skills?
●    Out of the skills you have, which ones do you enjoy doing?
●    Where do you feel most comfortable working?
●    What is your personality style?
●    What do you think would make you happy?

Once you have discovered these things about yourself, you are well on your way to determining which career path you want to take. Make sure to take the time to do the exercises in this book to help you get to know your self, your skills, your personality and what you want from life. By doing this first, you can make an informed decision about which opportunities will fit you best on this website.

Getting to know you better. Here are some words or phrases that describe things I am good at, personality traits, strengths and skills. This is just a small list. Take out your notepad and write down any of these that apply to you. Next, write down anything else you can think of that falls into this category.

Can handle stressful
Administering Advising
Can complete assignments Analyzing Alert
Can set goals and achieve
Ambitious Assembling
Can set priorities Assertive Assisting
Can work as a team player Brainstorming Building Morale
Can Follow Directions Business minded Capable
Can Get along with Others Cheerful Communication
Can Manage My Time
Conceiving Ideas Considerate
Can Relay Information
Consulting Cooking
Can Use Common Sense Counseling Creative
Good at Identifying Problems Delegating Demonstrating
Good at Problem Solving Dependable Designing
Good at Leadership Developing Eager
Have a Good Sense of
Editing Engineering
Have a Great Sense of Humor Entertaining Entrepreneur
Can Identify People’s Needs Evaluating Flexible
Negotiating with Others Good Listener Good-Natured
Resolving Conflict between
Government Handling Details
Take Pride in a Job Well
Hard-Working Helping People
Willing to Accept Change Honest Finance
Willing to Learn New Things Improving Independant
Can handle Challenge Initiating Integrating
Implementing Things Inventing Learn Quickly
Influencing People Logical Loyal
Listening to People Making Decisions Managing People
Making New Policies Mature Moderating
Good With Money Motivating People Office Management
Open-Minded Optimistic Organized
Participating Patient Winning
Physically Strong Productive Public Service
Public Speaking Punctual Reading
Raising Money Reliable Realistic
Recruiting People Religious Resourceful
Risk Management Respectful Responsible
Running Meetings Self-Confident Self-Esteem
Self-Motivated Selling Sensitive
Serious Sincere Well Informed
Service oriented Social Sciences Traveling
Solving Problems Spontaneous Steady
Supervising People Strategies Thinking
Thrifty Trustworthy Unpretentious
Versatile Volunteering Well Organized

Here is just a small list of possible Marketable Skills you may have or are good at doing. Take your notepad and write down any of these that you have. This list should help you get your creative juices going. Once you have gone through the list and wrote down anything that is on it that describes your skills, next write down all of your other skills you can think of as you are writing.

Ideas for Activities for
Accounting Acting
Developing Software Architecture Article Writing
Getting Stains Out Of
Artist Auto Repair
Framing Art Work Beauty Treatments Biology
furniture refinishing Bookkeeping Building Furniture
Health Care Services Building Things candlemaking
Manicures and Pedicures Clerical Work Coaching
Organizing Home or Office Crafts Cutting Hair
Painting Interior/Exterior of
Data entry Forestry
Putting together a great
Gardening Golf
Putting on Makeup Graphic Artist History
Repairing Computers Home decorating Home Organizing
Setting up Electronics Household Wiring Jewelry Making
Sewing Almost Anything Language Law
Sewing Home Decor
Law Enforcement Medical Science
Sewing Little Girls Dresses Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel
Sewing drapery Microsoft Access Microsoft PowerPoint
social event planning Mountain Climbing Music
Taking Digital Photos Performing Photography
Teaching Nutrition Physical Sciences Physical Work
technical skills Planning Parties Pluming
upholstering furniture Researching Scrapbooking
Working Outdoors Singing Teaching
Writing Instructions That Are Easily
Translating TV repair
Working with Children Typing Woodworking

Well, did you get your lists written?  How many skills, strengths, and personality traits did you come up with that you had not thought of? Do you feel like this exercise has helped you get to know yourself better?

Now, work on your list by narrowing it down to the skills, strengths and personality traits ou have that can help you with your own at home business. Whether you want to apply for an online job or start your own unique business, which skills do you think you have that will help you the most with your endeavor.

Try to narrow down each list to 10 to 20 things. Now read your lists and write a new list including all of your marketable skills and then go through this book, and start finding the perfect at home, online job or business for you. You can do with this!

Now that you have a list of your skills, start by writing down everything you are good at doing. Go through this book and decide which of the moneymaking ideas you can do. Put together a list of sites you want to check out and see if they will work for you. Next, narrow down your list to the ones that are for sure, and get rid of the ones you decided not to do.

Now figure out what they pay and how much you want to make each month. From here go sign up for the ones that are for sure first, start with the first one on your list, and do it today. See how long it took and then figure out a schedule for getting all of them done in the time needed to achieve your financial goals.

As long as you are willing to put in the time and effort to be successful online, the resources found on this website should help you get started on your road to success. Keep reading for some great ideas that you can use and are paid for your expertise.

Before you get started, be sure to set up a PayPal account if you don’t have one already. Many of the opportunities listed on this site offer payments through PayPal. If you cannot get an account in your country, many of the offers can send you a check by mail for payments.

Good Luck!