Earn Money Creating Graphics

Are you good with Photoshop graphic design? Every good business online is looking for graphics for their site. If you are good with graphics, you could provide businesses with graphics to help them make their sites stand out from the others.

You can offer many types of graphics to people, from designing their logos to designing an entire website.

You can offer your expertise and design logos, eBook covers, headers, banners, clip art, icons, backgrounds, or any other graphics they’re looking for.

If you are good at drawing cartoons, you could start your own cartoon business. Many businesses are looking for cartoons and cartoon character’s to add to their web design.

You can design digital scrapbook templates. Scrapbooking has become big business and if you can offer creative scrapbook templates and put together a package, you could start your own scrapbooking template site.

If you’re not a pro at photoshop, download this free eBook “Getting Started with Photoshop (Volume 1)” to learn systematically how to get around in Photoshop and make your own graphics.
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If you’re good at editing photos, you could restore all photographs or help do touchups on newer photographs.

You could also create photo mosaics. Mosaics are neat and are made out of hundreds of smaller pictures. Your customers could send you the images they want to use and you can create them using free software you can get here.


Elance is a great place to find freelance graphic positions. Customers post freelance graphic requests and you can show them what you have to win the project.

Wordfirm.com is seeking talented freelance graphic designers. They are looking for applicants that are full-time freelancers and capable of professional service with quick turnaround.

They handle all the marketing to end clients so you can spend the time to develop relationships with them. They pay within 30 days so you do not need to worry about late payments and collections.

llustrationWorks is looking for professional artists and illustrators who have a body of work suitable for our clients’ needs. Our dedicated team of art directors has been at this for a while and is familiar with the types of works our clients are looking for. We strive to provide them with fresh, exciting images from new artists.

Are you good at making Photoshop brushes? Photoshop brushes are a hot item that people are willing to pay for. There are many places where you can get Photoshop brushes free online but if you offer custom brushes of good quality people will be more than happy to pay you for
them. If you are interested in trying your hand at Photoshop brushes here is a great tutorial.