Earn Money Designing T-Shirts

Are you great at designing logos, creative artwork, and illustrations? How would you like to put your artwork on T-shirts and other novelties? Many websites offer T-Shirt design contests on an ongoing basis. Most of them let the other members of the website choose the winner. You can also open your own T-shirt and novelty shop to sell your designs.

CafePress.com allows you to provide your own designs and they will put them on a T-shirt, mug, hat etc.. There are no upfront costs, simply come up with your designs, set up your own free online shop and promote your products on your website.

They take care of payment transactions, producing your T-shirts with their unique print on demand order fulfillment, and ship your products worldwide. They keep track of all your sales and send you a check each month for your earnings.

UneeTee.com has a great contest that offers a weekly grand prize. One artist each week will win $1500 grand prize ($750 cash plus $750 guaranteed commission). It will be announced every Monday and will be on pre-sale of $12.

For each T-shirt over the first 375 sold you will continue to make $2 commission for each one. Just think how much you could make in residual commissions by just designing one T-shirt.

ShirtCity.com allows you to sell your own products! Start a free shop in 10 minutes! They will give you, an individual, or your business, the opportunity to create your own products and collections and sell them online. MyShirtcity will provide a suitable online shop and a wide range of imprintable products for your use. There is absolutely no charge for you: just establish your shop, and they do the rest.

Threadless T-Shirts is looking for your best original ideas. They want ideas that are amazing and grab attention. Enter their ongoing contest where over a period of seven days, the Threadless community will score and comment on your submission. They will then take the scores and comments to help decide which designs should become the next Threadless T-shirt.

If your idea is selected for print, you’ll receive:
$2,000 in cash
$500 Threadless Gift Certificate (can be redeemed for $200 cash)
$500 in cash each time your design is reprinted
Up to $10,000 more if you win a “Bestee” in the Threadless Awards

DesignByHumans T-Shirts include three separate continual design contests: shirt of the day, shirt of the week and shirt of the month. You can submit your T-shirt design to the website and it is voted on by the Designs by Humans community all over the world. The T-shirts that get the most votes become the winners in the designer gets a cash prize. The winning design is then printed and made available for purchase through our online store.

Each weekday a submitted design wins the Shirt of the Day (SOTD) prize of $750 ($500 cash & $250 store credit). Each week the five previous SOTD winners go head to head for the Shirt of the Week (SOTW) prize of $1000 cash. Then the four SOTW winners compete for the final prize of $1750 ($1500 cash & $250 store credit) and the coveted trophy and title of Shirt of the Month. Overall, a winning design that goes all the way can win up to $3500!

You can also get artist residuals.In conjunction with the daily, weekly, and monthly prizes being awarded here at DesignByHumans, artists will be paid an additional cash award based on the number of t-shirt sold over the life of the design via the DBH Rock Star Awards.

theCHEstore.com offers a chance to show off your artistic talents with your T-shirt designs. Winning designs will be printed on T-shirts and sold online at the theCHEstore.com. The winner will receive $75 USD, and a $25 USD coupon for the theCHEstore.com shop. You will also get a free T-shirt with your winning design on it.

is looking for great T-shirt designs. Think your T-Shirt designs are amazing? If the public agrees and votes you as one of the top 20 every month, we will use your design on a SpringLeap T-shirt, and you will get cash, prizes, royalties and your name on the back of every one of your T-Shirts. Submit all your designs, and then choose up to five you want to enter in the competition each month.

The winning creation with the most votes gets $1068.88 plus residual income for each of your T-shirts that they sell. Not only that but every T-shirt is branded with your name of their creation on the top back of the shirt facing out where their name is advertised everywhere a SpringLeap shirt is worn. Enter now!

OffYourBackShirts.com is looking for people to submit T-Shirt designs. If they use your design, they will give you $100 gift certificate to their website and two copies of the T-shirt you designed.

TeeTonic.com is accepting submissions for T-Shirt designs. Once you have submitted your T-Shirt design is available for everyone to rate. The one that gets the highest rating will win a cash prize and their T-Shirt joins our shop.

is looking for T-Shirt ideas. If your design is chosen, you will receive a cash prize of US $500 and a gift voucher of 200 Wooshka credits. Note that as the site popularity grows we hope to be able to offer the winners more.