Get Paid To Blog

Many sites pay you for blogging. The way they pay varies from a percentage of the advertising on each of your pages, telling about an advertiser on your page, or from Adsense ads. If you already are blogging anyway, why not make some extra cash doing it?
allows you to search through a list of opportunities and then make a blog posting. Once your content is approved, you are paid. You can easily make $500 a month or more. In addition, as an added bonus you get $20 just for signing up and being approved. is looking for people to mention their advertisers on their blogs. In exchange for mentioning them, you will be paid in your PayPal account per task or blog entry for writing, talking about, or mentioning their website in your blog. Once your entry has been approved through our online form you will be paid after 30 days for your entry via PayPal. You must have a PayPal account to get paid. allows you to make $6-$100 per Post you write on your blog. The amount paid for each post depends on the over all page rank and popularity of your blog. You can also make money by publishing pay per click advertising on your blog and generate residual income. You will be paid directly to your PayPal account.
is looking for people to create a buzz about advertisers campaigns. You can do your own research and write about them in exchange for a predetermined amount. They pay once a month. offers you the opportunity to select advertiser opportunities that best go along with your blog and write reviews about their products and services. You read the description of your chosen job and write the text on your blog. Most of their offers pay between $6 and $10. Then checks your posting and transfers your money by PayPal. shares a portion of its advertising revenue with all citizen journalists. Your account only needs to exceed $10 to receive a payment via PayPal. Simply submit a sample of your writing and create an account on the site. pays you for writing new posts. Their commissions are generated throughout since clicks. Your Adsense ad will be served on the pages that have your content. offers pay per post opportunities. You have a choice of writing your own post or using one as they already have written. They pay within 30 days via PayPal. offers a monthly compensation of $84-$140 US for three to five posts per week with a minimum of 70 words each. Payments are made by
PayPal or Moneybookers. Get Paid To Blog. Fill out a form, add your blogs and then wait for them to place appropriate phrases in the ‘open offers’ section of your account. There are three ways you can earn money. Check it out. You’ve been writing about web sites, products, services and companies for years, now you you can also get paid for it. With our system, you get paid for each post request you fulfill.