Make Money As An Online Editor or Guide
offers their guides a nice percentage of the ad revenue of the section you were a kind of. Depending on how much growth there is for your category you can make a decent extra income from being a guide for

Job-Search-Engine is a great place to look for new offers for online editors.

OrganizedWisdom offers guides an interesting way to make extra money by helping others find useful health information on the Internet. The pay scale is calculated by how many cards you complete each month. Up to five cards pays $10 each, six to 10 cards pay $11 each, 11 to 15 cards pays $12 each, 16 to 25 cards pay $13 each, 26 to 50 cards pay $14 each, and 51 and above $15 each.

If you have accumulated $100 or more by the end of a calendar month, you will be paid on or about the 15th of the following month. If your balance is not reaching $100, yet it will be rolled over to the next month. offers associate online editor job listings. is a list of available online editor jobs. Their editors are regular women and men, just like you, who truly love a particular subject. Each editor has her own corner of BellaOnline, which she completely controls – writing content, adding links, talking with her visitors. Bella provides all of the tools, training and support free. Their system is very easy to use. The editor provides the enthusiasm and the love of the topic. is currently seeking more editors. As an editor, you would be responsible to two look for news that will interest writers and write up a brief blurb about it. Each editor would ideally post several items each week.

Since the site does not make any money, they do not pay their editors anything. They are however given credit on the about page with a link. This is a good way for you to get experience as an editor in order to get a paying position for a larger company. is looking for freelance editor. You must be available to work full time for the duration of an editing assignment, which can range from one day to several months. For more information check out the site now. is a major open directory that offers an opportunity for everyone to contribute. Find a category that you would like to maintain and then click on the editor link at the top of the category page to find out more. This is a non-paying position, but can be very helpful in getting experience.