Make Money in Fitness/Weightloss

As you might suspect, the weightloss and fitness niche is huge. Almost everyone would like to lose some weight and get in better shape. Whether they want to do it for their health or just want to look better, millions of people are looking for information to help them reach their goals.

There are many ways to make money promoting products to these millions of people. Most
companies have affiliate programs that let you earn commissions for referring customers to their products. You sign up to their program and get links to their products which you then promote. You can do this by blogging, social marketing, and writing articles.

One of my favorite companies products to promote is BeachBody. They are the creators of several workout programs that are very popular and are successful because they work.

If you watch TV much, you’ve probably seen the infomercials for some of their programs like P90X, Turbo Jam, and their newest, INSANITY.

I was looking for affiliate programs for fitness products to promote on some of my websites. I knew of the P90X and INSANITY workouts, and had read alot about the great results people were getting using them, so I went looking for their affiliate program. After doing some searching I found out that BeachBody doesn’t have an affiliate program. To sell their products you had to become a Coach.

Becoming a coach is easy and it’s only $39.95 to signup, so I did and now I’m able to promote all their workout programs and also, their fitness equipment and health supplements. Plus I also get a 25% discount on anything I purchase for myself.

Coaches also earn money from other people they signup to their BeachBody Team. The person I signed up under started with BeachBody to get in better shape and now he makes enough money that he doesn’t need to work.

If you would like to sell their products or if you’re just interested in getting in shape, I highly suggest you take a look at what they offer.

For more info visit Team BeachBody.