Make Money Selling Photos

Selling photos online is big business. Everyone that has a website needs photos for them. If you enjoy taking digital photos, you could make a lot of extra cash or even a full-time income from them. There is no limit to the kind of pictures that are needed for websites since there are so many different niches on the Internet. Here are some suggestions for photos that are in great need.

Any body part photos are a hot item. You could take photos of newly pedicured feet, newly manicured hands, six-pack abs, great legs, firm breasts in a bikini top, a firm bottom in a bikini bottom, a man’s chest, a man flexing his biceps, a close-up of cellulite, a close-up of acne, flabby body parts, or any other body parts you feel people would want for their websites. If you take photos of faces, you must have a model release form.

Any kind of sports including golf, fishing, hunting, camping, football, basketball, hockey, or any other things you can get a good picture of.

Household items including food and drinks, computers, TVs, furniture, accessories, flowers, plants, or anything you think will look good from different angles.

Scenery including mountain scenery, ocean, long winding roads, freeway traffic, flowers, lakes, and any other photos you think would be interesting for people to use on their websites or other projects.

Make sure to check with each of the photo sites listed below to see what they are looking for most and take time to take photos that are important to them. Remember to take your pictures at different angles and point of views to make them interesting and they will sell.

Here is a list of sites you can make money from your photos. offers THE highest payout rate on the internet. 85% for FullRoyalty-Free License. 70% for Standard Royalty-Free License. Payouts are delivered by check, through PayPal, or MoneyBookers whenever your earnings exceed your minimum payment amount. Minimum payment options start at $50. offers you the choice to sell photos as royalty-free or with an exclusive buyout license Photographers receive up 80 % of the image sales price. (Average 52%) Photographers may set their own price for web, print and exclusive buyout licenses.

Photographers are paid commissions with the Fotolia credit system. Photographers may cash out their credits at anytime via PayPal with as little as $2 in their account. No hassles with late payments, fraud, or international currencies. For countries who do not have Paypal we send checks quarterly for amounts over 100 USD. offers 50% of the fee for each transaction. They pay 60% for exclusive images. In addition, exclusive photographers will receive an additional bonus of $.20 for each approved submission. With all the bonuses they award the actual royalties could actually reach up to 80% or more.

Any photographer may request to be paid for his/her sales as soon as the balance has reached $100 and the photographer submits a payment request from the Management Area. We currently send payments by bank check, Paypal or Moneybookers. pays royalty rate of 20% for each file downloaded. Exclusive contributors can earn up to 40%. This is a very busy photo site where you can get a lot of downloads of your photos, so even considering their rates are lower, you could still bring in a pretty good income from this site. offers 50% for each download you generate. You can view your earnings at any time by logging into your account. They offer flexible and quick payment options. You have a choice between PayPal, Ikobo, Moneybookers, you can request a check by mail, or convert some of your earnings into download credits and get some nice images. offers $.50 to $3.00 per downloaded image. Or you can make even more on special license downloads. Once your account reaches $30 you can request a PayPal withdrawals to cash out your account. You can also request a check to be mailed to you when you reach $50.

You can make up to $60 per download with special licensing sales. Make sure to check this one out. offers 50% of the net proceeds from each photo downloaded. The more you upload, the more you’ll earn! You can also make money by referring customers or photographers. not work on commission. You pay when you post your photos online with one fee per posting and then make 100% of whatever your photos earned. pays 70% commission. This enables their artists to price their images competitively and pass on the savings to you. offers you to submit your photos and be paid every time one of your photos is downloaded. will pay you $.25 every time one of your images is downloaded. They also offer subscriptions to encourage buyers to download a greater volume of images. offers 50% royalties of licensing revenue. The money through assignment of custom illustration you will keep completely, unless you want us to handle this. is interested in professional level, mostly realistic work. Photographs are not normally used, but artists illustrating for us have worked with photos, using surrealistic effects. Payment $1,200.00 for color cover art. $125.00 for black and white interiors. offers an outlet to sell your photos. Simply sign up as a member and then you can fill out a photographer application. When your application is approved, you may begin uploading your photos. pays for your photos. When your balance reaches $50 you can be paid via PayPal. – Are you a photographer? Illustrator? Fontographer? Videographer? Want to make your work and name available to tens of thousands of people? Become a PhotoSpin contributing artist! accepts photos amateur photos once you are approved as active, you can just sit back and wait for orders to come in. Once you have made at least $50 in earnings they will send you a PayPal payment or you can request a check.