Make Money with Videos and Films

You can make money with videos and films. There are many sites listed below where you can submit them and make some good money. The Internet has opened up many opportunities for new sources of income. Some of the sites listed here will pay you a decent amount of money for your videos or offer you residual income opportunities. Keep reading to learn how you can make extra cash or replace your income with your videos

Make your own how to videos. You can make a how to video about just about anything. The great thing is you are allowed to list a URL to a website at the end of your video. Therefore, if you made a video about how to make the best cookies in town, you could simply add a link for your viewers to order your favorite cookie recipes at the end of the video. If you do not have your own product, you can promote an affiliate product that fits in the targeted area of your how to video. You can also sell your how to videos on some of the sites listed below.

Next, if you decide not to sell your videos, list those on as many sites as you can and watch the money come in. Here are some examples of things you can make videos about.

Now you may be saying, I am not good at anything what can I make a video about? Now I will not hear any of that baloney. Everyone and I mean everyone has something that they are good at. Why not take time to write down a list of everything that you are good at.

Once you have your list put together, decide which things you would like to make a video about. People are very interested in watching videos that show them how to do things they do not know how to do. You can show them how to do it and they will be so happy to get your free or paid advice. All you need to do is then find a great affiliate product or your own product to offer at the end of the video. Simply insert the URL to the product that best fits your how-to video and start watching the money roll in.

Hey, that’s not all! Check out the listings below to find places that you can submit your how to video and make money from them. Just make sure to check these places out first before you submit your video anywhere else, as some of them require exclusive rights. Some of these pay pretty good so it’s definitely worth looking into.

Make Sure That You Are Protected! offers legal forms for your films, model releases, artist and actor forms, depiction and copyright forms, director forms, joint venture/partnerships, merchandise forms, miscellaneous forms, music forums, production forms, and writer forms. Upload your funny videos to Atom. Top user videos battle for vote?s right here. Winners get $500, pro status on, and glory on Atom TV.

TurnHere is a great way for you to:

  • Earn money making interesting local films
  • Get global (seriously) exposure through distribution with major media outlets
  • Work with high-profile clients
  • Continually improve your craft with feedback from industry veterans
  • Pick up extra work between your other jobs

Producers are paid anywhere from $200 to $1000 for a finished short film about a place, business, or product for full rights. Offer your DVD as a video download through Amazon Unbox.

  • Download to own or Download to rent options
  • You set your price and earn monthly royalties
  • Unbox offers DVD-quality video downloads and TiVo availability

Download-to-own videos must be at least 20 minutes long; rental videos must be at least 70 minutes. accepts self-contained videos, usually under seven minutes, that tell a story, profile a character and or share an idea. They buy new pods for TV all the time. The payment is negotiated per pod. Be sure to check out the pod assignments available. Just think you could become famous.

GreenCine welcomes submissions from independent filmmakers and distributors for our Video-on-Demand service. They are currently seeking films 25 minutes or longer. They pay a gross percentage of their revenues to you. You will be paid once a month as long as you’ve had rentals greater than $100.

ExpertVillage Instructional and How-to Video Filmmaker, you can:

  • work on your own schedule, from anywhere in the world
  • fill in gaps between your larger paying gigs
  • receive worldwide exposure for your work
  • work on the assignments that you choose
  • make an average of $300 per assignment
  • get paid every Friday

ExpertVillage has several members who make full-time incomes as Expert Village Filmmakers. ExpertVillage purchases exclusive rights to the content. is looking for mostly full-length features and hour-plus content. Using the Jaman Player, you can offer your content for purchase, rental, or even freely distribute it. Your movie will be encoded as a high definition H.264 file, protected by encryption. Producers sign a 7-to-9 year non-exclusive contract with Jaman, giving the company worldwide Internet rights. Producers get 30 percent of the gross revenues, paid quarterly. is looking for full-length features, animations, and instructional videos. As the producer of your video, you set the price. They take between 30 to 35% for their delivery fee. They are looking for people who have around 20 or more media files to upload. Why not check them out? offers you the opportunity to submit a video. They are looking for short videos under three minutes or short produced films over three minutes with a good story line. If it is featured on the home page, you could be paid $400 for exclusivity. If you do not want to give them exclusive rights, they will still pay you $200. For your second original video on the home page, you could make $500 for exclusive rights or $300 for nonexclusive rights. For your third original video on the home page and each one after that, you will make $600 for exclusive rights or without exclusive rights $400 for each video on the home page. Rent and sell video downloads worldwide “from your site” alongside your DVD sales. Keep 90% of the proceeds. No set-up fees. No monthly fees. You can sell it at a price you choose and earn 50% of the purchase price, offer it as ad supported, or you can offer it to viewers free with no ads. allows you to upload your videos and make money. During the final stage of the upload process, you will be asked to set a price for your content. You can set a sale price at or above the Si-Mi calculated minimum price to a maximum of $500.00 USD. Any downloads of your content will give you a 70% cut of the profits. The minimum sale price is based on the file size of your content uploaded and includes the costs of hosting and delivering your content.

HungryFlix is looking for short films, sports, music videos, and how-to videos available in MPEG4 format. They offer content providers a 60/40 split with 60% going to you!