Make Money With Your Voice

Do you have a great voice? Did you know that there are websites that will pay you for doing voice-overs? If you are not sure how your voice sounds, why not make a tape recording of yourself reading a few articles and see how you sound. You may think that you have to have a big masculine or sexy voice in order to qualify as a voice over. This is simply not so. If you can speak clearly and concisely and you have a good voice, there are many jobs available online. You might just discover that you have the right voice to get a great job online.

Companies are always looking for good voice talent for radio, TV, commercials, audio articles and e-books, podcasts, fun systems, videos, and many more things.

Check out the following sites and who knows you just might find yourself making a full-time living sitting at your computer talking. finds more voice over talents and voice producers for projects of all types (commercials, promos, documentaries, audio books, phone systems, corporate presentations, etc) than anyone else in the world!

No commission or agent fees. You are paid directly by the client. Our deal is non-exclusive. Our deal will never prevent you from working with anyone else. Tons of qualified projects. You will get email notifications and invitations to audition and submit quotes on thousands of projects. is a production and publicity company that helps both professional and unsigned artists get recording deals and placement in Films and Television shows. Check out the list of opportunities. You just may find the perfect one for you.

SunSpots If you’re a professional voice talent located near their recording studios in Asheville, NC or Orlando, FL OR if you have a professional ISDN voice booth setup please check them out.

They also need Spanish-speaking voice talent immediately. They are seeking out the best Spanish voiceover talent in the Americas. our goal is to help provide FREE exposure for Professional Voice Talent and Voice Over Artists seeking voice talent jobs and to provide easy access to producers and agencies who have voice talent auditions or jobs doing voice-overs.

To be listed on Starsnsites you need to have:

– An Active Website.

– An Active e-mail account.

– A link back to either their Voice Talent index page, or their main Starsnsites page.

(Links back to your own page on Starsnsites, or any other page except those
noted above was no do not count as a link back, sorry.) You may opt to pay for a page, rather than return a link.

Please note: You must be a Professional Voice Talent or Voice over Artist working, or seeking work, in commercial voice-overs. Sorry, we don’t list singers or musical groups.

It is FREE, and all we ask in return is a reciprocal link on yourWebsite. We will only add listings that link back to us. has hundreds of jobs that need voice actors specifically and new positions are posted at every week?

Whether you’re a full-time voice actor who works from home producing freelance audio every day or a part-time voice artist about to make the transition from your day job to career voice acting, now is the time to take the next step and bring your vocal talents onto the Internet, and thereby, the world stage at

How Much Does It Cost? The Premium membership is USD$39.95/month, the preferred membership is
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