Submit Your Poems For Cash

Maybe you’re a closet poet and never thought you could make money from your poems. Well, there are a lot of places that will pay you for your poems.

Acorn will consider all original, unpublished haiku, not under consideration elsewhere, are welcomed from all writers.

Acorn is a small biannual journal dedicated to publishing the best of contemporary English-language haiku. In particular, it showcases the individual poem and the ability of haiku to reveal the extraordinary moments found in everyday life.

The-Atlantic-Monthly accepts the homes in traditional forms, free verse, and meditative lyric, and the light or comic poem. They are not able to publish very long poems. They respond in four to six weeks and pay upon acceptance.

Barnwood Magazine pays $25 a poem for the right to publish a new strong Palm, to make an appropriate gesture, at lease, appreciation, and a recognition that poets deserve to receive much more money than is usually offered to them.

ArtfulDodge accepts submissions of up to 30 pages of prose or six poems, long poems are encouraged. They pay in copies, plus five dollars per page.

BlackWarrior Review pays a one-year subscription, and up to $150 for prose and $75 for poems, depending on availability of funds.

They also accept fiction with a limit of 7500 words. The average response time for submissions is between 2-4 months.

The Iowa-Review-Awards, given in fiction, poetry, and literary nonfiction, should arrive during January. The-Iowa-Review goes out three times a year and includes stories, poems, essays and reviews. Please look for their annual announcements. Reading those entries occupies the remainder of the year. Outside judges name the winners, who receive $1000 apiece and are published, along with a gathering of finalists, in theirr December issue.

They purchase first North American serial rights, non-exclusive rights for any later Iowa Review generated anthology, non-exclusive classroom copyrights, and non-exclusive electronic rights for our web site, if they choose. They pay $25 dollars for the first page and $15 for each additional page, whether of poetry or prose. Contributors also receive two free copies of the issue in which their work appears and the remainder of a year’s subscription. accepts articles and essays as well as discussions of leading writers; awful art, music, and drama; analysis of trends in literature, science, philosophy, and public affairs. They accept poetry submissions and may consist of up to six poems there is no restriction for length, but generally are poems are less than 100 lines.

At the time of publication they pay fifty cents per line for poetry ($25 minimum per poem); and $50 for an essay or work of fiction. Authors also receive two complimentary contributor’s copies.

Ploughshares Welcomes unsolicited submissions of fiction, poetry, and a limited amount of nonfiction. Payment is upon publication: $25/printed page, $50 minimum per title, $250 maximum per author, with two copies of the issue and a one-year subscription. is looking for all kinds of poetry. They accept the ones that look the best. You can submit up to 4 poems in one file, but do not exceed a total of 7.63 MB.

Payment is made on publication at the rate of $10.00 per line (with a minimum payment of $300), and $150 per page of prose, for first serial rights. All rights will revert to the author upon publication. Authors will also receive two contributor copies of the issue in
which their work appears.

Blue-Mountain-Arts interested in reviewing writings that would be appropriate for publication on our greeting cards. We are looking for highly original and creative submissions on love, friendship, family, philosophies, and any other topic that one person might want to share with another. Please note that we do not accept rhyming poetry. publishes essays, interviews, fiction, and poetry. They are most interested in personal writing, but are also looking for thoughtful, well-written essays on political, cultural and philosophical themes.

They pay from $300 to $3,000 for essays and interviews, $300 to $2,000 for fiction, and $100 to $500 for poetry, the amount being determined by length and quality. We may pay less for very short works. They also give contributors a complimentary one-year subscription to The Sun. They purchase one-time rights. All other rights revert to the author upon publication. All articles should be double-spaced (except poetry, which can be single-spaced or double-spaced). Critical articles should be about 1500 to 3000 words, stories and memoirs 4000 words or less, and poetry 100 lines or less. Exceptions are possible.

At present The Threepenny Review is paying $400 per story or article, $200 per poem or Table Talk piece. In addition, each writer gets a year’s free subscription.